The Event

The Intuitive Feng Shui coming together


The International Intuitive Feng Shui Seminar is a unique space to develop love for the art of Feng Shui, associated disciplines and all the Chinese Metaphysics Five Arts in general. Participants from all over Europe and the World gather to meet and share. An excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and make new friends in a truly magical setting.

The seminar is both aimed at students and professional consultants, but also at the general lay public. At any time our varied programme has two options of talks for all levels of knowledge. Whatever your background and previous experience is, you will find the suitable workshop.

The conference engages some of the most prominent speakers in various fields of expertise. There are talks aimed the the professional consultants and also the general public. There is something for everyone.

Each speaker, in his/her field, has valuable lessons to pass on and these happen in a direct contact context, that this seminar makes a point of promoting. Seize the opportunity to meet and speak with world renowned masters in person and develop with them. You can look at the programme here.

The venue is Casa do Ser in the heart of the beautiful city of Lisbon. And in May the weather in Lisbon is usually gracious and blessed. 

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